Explain how to write a conclusion for an essay.  My topic is The transportation System in India. 

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The conclusion should be the best part of the essay. The reader remembers the last thing that he read. Therefore, this part of the essay is just as important as the introduction and the body. Here are some strategies for writing a conclusion:

  1. A conclusion should re-emphasize the thesis statement. In addition, the conclusion should give the essay a sense of completeness. Leave the reader with good final impression of the essay and its topic. 
  2. Restate the thesis sentence using different words. Demonstrate to the reader that the paper was important without using the word important. The first sentence(s) should indicate why the paper was meaningful and useful.
  3. Do not just summarize.  Do not repeat things worded the same way that they were in the body of the paper. Explain how the points prove the thesis of the essay.
  4. Give the reader something to think about by revealing how the essay’s information applies to reality. 
  5. Write your conclusion from specific to the general. 
  6. Challenge the reader to do something involved with the topic.
  7. Do not give new ideas in the conclusion. Create an image for the reader. 
  8. Make the paper go full-circle by referring to a story, anecdote, or scenario that was included in the introduction.
  9. Quote a famous person who says something about the topic.

Conclude with a quotation from or reference to a primary or secondary source. Use a quotation that amplifies the main point in a different perspective. (Pat Bellanca, Harvard Writing Center)


A familiar and organized system of transportation parallels prolonged economic growth in a country. The current transportation system of India encompasses several modes including rail, highway, coastal shipping, and air transport. 

Here is a brief sample conclusion.  

Indian transportation has recorded considerable progress. The Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways responsibilities include the construction and implementation of policies. Christian Lange, a  European politican is often quoted as saying "a world market" and opportunity have opend up.