I am trying to write a thesis statement to argue how different the story would be set in todays world with DNA tests,identity and racism. Not sure how to approach this.

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First, you might start by examining Chopin' Awakening in relation to Flaubert's Madame Bovary. Many critics consider The Awakening a version of Flaubert transposed to New Orleans. Next, you might look at the evolution of the adultery novel. Select a group of twenty-first century novels about adultery set in the southern United States. In what ways do their plot elements resemble those of The Awakening? How do they differ?

Rather than simply speculate about how plot elements would change depending on historical circumstance, it's best to do the actual research to find out how they actually have changed.

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Please repost your question with the specific Kate Chopin story to which you are referring.  This will give you the best possible answer from one of our superb eNotes editors.