I am trying to write a introduction and conclusion paragraph explaining general issues that we face today; that also happened in Of Mice and Men and The Kite Runner 

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The most important part of an essay is the thesis statement, which should be a part of your introduction. So, before you write, spend a good amount of time thinking about what your essay will be about. Also keep in mind that a thesis is an argument.

Since you have to write a paper on an issue that we face today in Of Mice and Men and Kite Runner, how about the topic of alienation? Lennie and George feel disconnected from society, and Baba, Hassan, and Amir also face difficulties in relationships (as there is alienation between them). Also when Baba and Amir move to California, Baba's feeling of alienation grows, as he misses his homeland. The same can be said for Lennie and George as they are migrant workers. They have no place to call home. 

This is just an example of what you can write. 

In your conclusion, you should summarize not only your thesis but also your main body paragraphs. Moreover, a good conclusion shows that your thesis is the logical outcome based on your body paragraphs. 

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