I have to write an essay and need some help with the following topic, "How does the relationship between Scout and Jem change as they grow up?"I need your help please and thank you :)

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In order to begin your essay you must understand the task required to address the topic. In this case your topic is really asking you to address two major issues but in a subtle way. First, how forces outside the realm of your control can strain the relationships between loved ones, and secondly the power that hope and redemption has as long as we hang on. The author does this deliberately, as she wants the reader to see the power that emotions such as compassion, empathy, equality, and character can have an impact on the personal relationships between people. Scout and Jem are brother and sister, they both had eyes but were unable to really 'see'. This unsettled tension between them was transformed as they witnessed what was 'really' happening around them. The impact of their experience taught Scout and Jem the value there is in understanding another persons' perspective.

Enotes provides excellent information regarding characters and themes for the novel. I think if you take the time to think about the topic using my further explanation you will be able to begin writing your essay with confidence. Remember writing an essay takes time, if you read the information provided by Enotes while thinking of the topic, I assure you ideas will begin to flow through your mind.

Good Luck !!

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