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I am trying to think of a variety of questions I could ask the protagonist(character) in the short novel "The Last Day of a Condemned Man". Any suggestions?

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There are many different questions one could pose to the protagonist in Victor Hugo's "The Last Days of a Condemned Man."

Here are a few you can consider.

1. How did you obtain your wealth?

2. What did you dream about when you were in Bicetre Prison?

3. Why do you think so many people showed up to your trial?

4. Why did you find the witnesses "stupid looking?"

5. Why did you compare the spectators in your trial to ravens?

6. How did you feel when your heard laughter coming from the Market for Flowers?

7. What do you think of the little girl who seemed excited about witnessing your death?

8. Given that you recalled that all men are condemned to death, why did your fate bother you so much?

9. Were you satisfied with your death by guillotine, or would you rather die by another means?

10. Why do you think that the jailers began to look at you as if you were an animal?

11. Why do you think that the sentry, in charge of watching over you, could not take his eyes off of you?

12.What could you have done to increase your stay in the infirmary?

13. How did it feel to see the scaffold upon which you were to die?

14. Why do you think the priest named you an "Unbeliever?"

15. Why did you send your child, Mary, away from you?

16. Were you pardoned?

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