I am trying to find personal conflict, inner conflict, conflict between countries, and the conflict Bonaparte experiences.

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this story, the conflicts go from very broad social and political conflicts and funnel down to the more specific personal conflicts of the individual characters.  In the broad sense, this is a story about the struggle between England and Ireland.  Ireland has been under English control for centuries and wants its independence.  This story takes place during the Irish Rebellion, and two Englishmen are being held captive.  That is the conflict between countries.

The Irish captors and the English captives are friendly towards each other.  They sit around and play cards, talking about life and about politics.  Through their interactions, O'Connor shows readers how the conflict between the two countries is affecting people personally.  Bonaparte and Noble, two of the Irishmen, see the human side of the English.  For once, the English are not the enemies, but human beings reasonable opinions. 

However, Donovan (the third Irishmen) tells the other that the two English will have to be executed.  Bonaparte and Noble now have to deal with internal conflict - can they kill these two men that they now consider to be "pals"?  Both feel that they can't, but know they can't let the two go either, as this is war and they are fighting for their country.  This conflict is mostly shown through Bonaparte.  He wants the two to escape, but Donovan intervenes and kills the English.