I am trying to find  2 poems that have the theme of sexual selection and love.  It is for Conceptual Inquiry Project. My topic is Evolution wiith subtopic of Sexual Selection. In other words a poem based off of a one choosing the opposite sex over another because better traits or neglecting another becuase of negative traits. Ex of this would be  the Metamorphisis or Cantebury Tales " Wife of bath tale " Any suggestions ?

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This is a great topic for research or a project, and fortunately for you, English literature is just full of these types of poem.  I am going to list a few different options for you that will help you in the brainstorming process. 

"Sonnet 130"-- Negative Traits.  William Shakespeare catalogs the many bleak faults of his mistress (a great study in the laws of attraction, because he is satirizing the next poem on my list)

"Astrophel and Stella"-- Positive Traits.  Philip Sydney following the petrarchan model for sonnets, writes of the amazing, alluring beauty of his lover. 

La Bella Dame Sans Merci--Positive Traits, sort of (if you overlook her fatalistic issues).  John Keats' poem on the ultimate temptress, drawing in men with her powers of seduction. 

"The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot--Negative traits.  This poem is like the 'anti-attraction'--a study in which male traits deter women!  Prufrock laments his lack of love life and waxes eloquent on missed opportunities and why exactly he is alone. 

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