I am trying to download a chapter summary for America: Pathway to the Present. I cannot find the chapter outline.  What am I doing wrong?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What you need to do is, after signing into your account, click on the "Literature" tab on the main page. Once in the "Literature" section, type in the title of the book, America: Pathway to the Present and hit 'enter'. The first page that will come up is the 'study guide' section for the novel. On the left hand side you will see breakdowns of each and every chapter (chapters one through twenty seven). Click on the chapter to which you need a summary to.

Also, on the main 'study guide' page (about halfway down) you will see the bold-faced title "Summary and Analysis". This provides you with a complete summary of the book without going into specific chapters.

Once you find the summary that you need, you can simply choose to print the page as is or choose a pdf version. Each of these options is seen at the top of any given page near the right hand corner of the page's text.

To get you started, I have provided the link below to get you to the right place from here. The directions above are for you when first entering the site and looking up summaries on different texts or subjects.