I am tired of people discriminating against me a Puerto Rician in my own community.People confront me for no reason at all when I am sitting at the community pool area. Nasty remarks are said. I...

I am tired of people discriminating against me a Puerto Rician in my own community.

People confront me for no reason at all when I am sitting at the community pool area. Nasty remarks are said. I do not want to move, so how do I handle this. I have gone to the person in charged in the office with no avail.......No one seems to care......Please direct me to what organization in can contact to put a stop to this discrimination. I WISH TO LIVE IN PEACE....

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am a PuertoRican as well. Fortunately, I have never had a problem, but I know fellow PRcans like yourself who have been told a joke about it, or have been mocked for their accents, etc.

If you feel for real that what is happening is utterly disrespectful and on purpose, then it would be racist, so simply document every single thing. Keep a journal and say EXACTLY what is happening because your word alone won't suffice. State what happened, who said it, and at what time.

You might be surprised at two things:  1. You get to see in writing whether there is a pattern to this occurrences  2. You might notice whether it is the usual suspects and you can correlate why they are doing it   3. It's evidence you can take to a lawyer, union, ACLU, and even an African American rights organization: They would help you as well, or direct you to someone who can.

Either way, I hope you can live in peace sometime. Just please do not forget to document everything, day, time, person, and what happened. It will be your anchor for everything.

lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If the situation is really as you say, first of all I am very sorry you are having to deal with it. And if the people in charge are not helping, that is inexcusable. One thing which seems to get the attention of such people is bad publicity. If you are young, you may need the assistance of an older person for this, but you can let the people in charge of the pool know that you are prepared to go either to the ACLU, or someone who covers such matters for a local news organization.

Good luck...people have the right to be treated fairly in this country.

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Community pools are under the jurisdiction of the city or town where you live (unless it's a private pool in an apartment complex). What I recommend is that you contact your city council representative, or the county board of commissioners representative, and let that person know what is happening. A polite, written notice is usually most effective.

Good luck, and I hope that you are able to resolve this issue.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
This is a very sad situation. Is there a lot of racial tension in your area? All I can say is that it's not that way everywhere. You will someday live somewhere else, and I hope you will find that community more tolerant. No one should have to go through that.
krishna-agrawala | Student

I understand, how difficult it is for you. But unfortunately there are no easy solutions for such problems. I am offering some guidelines, that may help you.

You say that you are being discriminated against your own community. Does this mean that it is not a case of discrimination based on prejudices against class, community, race, religion or the like. If so, the reason for your being targeted for such treatment is something related to your personal characteristics or situation.

The most important thing to do in this situation is to identify the basic difference in you which, sets you apart from others.

If the problem area is your own behavior, which is worth changing, and can be changed with effort, then solution is simple. You must try and improve yourself.

If the problem area is such that you do not have the power to change it or you do not consider it right to change yourself, then you will need to try other approaches.

Persons in authority and organizations can help you to some extent, but usually efforts to fight with force tends to also increase the determination of the other party to fight back.

See if you can find a mediator to help create better mutual understanding between you and the offending group. This person can be any senior and understanding person, even, say mother or father of one of the person troubling you. You can also try to develop friendship with someone who may have some influence over this group.

Your problems may not be solved very easily or quickly. It is important that in the mean time you remain cool and composed. It is best not to show your frustration to the group tormenting, or to threaten them in any way. This type of behaviour will only increase your problem, not reduce it.

epollock | Student

Why do you think you are being treated this way and is it only happening to you?  Do you find that it is always happening to you and no one else?  You should think if it is something that you do or the wrong signals you give.

Usually when someone says it only happens to them, it is very unusual. Step back for a few minutes and see if people perceive you the wrong way and try to correct that behavior.