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I am a teacher and just signed up I was hoping to find study guide questions to use with students. Is this part of the e-note service?  

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Enotes is a great place for teachers to find material to use in the classroom. The study guides give you detailed information about plot, characters, themes, and so on. Some study guides include quizzes, but most do not. To find the type of material that I think you're looking for, you need to go to the particular title you're looking for, then click on the Lesson Plans tab. There you'll find teacher materials from Prestwick House and Teacher's Pet Publications. For instance, if you are teaching To Kill a Mockingbird, you'd go to that study guide and click on Lesson Plans. Up will pop an assortment of lesson plans, study guides, and activity packs, such as an AP teaching unit, a multiple perspectives teaching unit, a vocabulary from literature unit, and others. I have used these materials and can tell you that you will not be disappointed with them. (I'd like to know if you can't find something to use!)

Good luck! 

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