Please help me write an opinion paper on the benefits of public, charter, private, or home schools.  This is supposed to be my view based on where I went to school. The book I am using is...

Please help me write an opinion paper on the benefits of public, charter, private, or home schools.  This is supposed to be my view based on where I went to school.

The book I am using is DIALOGUES An Argument Rhetoric and Reader. The authors are GARY GOSHGARIAN....KATHLEEN KRUEGER...SEVENTH EDITION.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In your question, you state that this essay is to be based on your own experience.  Because we do not know what your experience is or what opinions you have about this experience, we cannot craft an answer that is specifically designed for you.  What I will do in this answer is to list what people commonly see as the benefits of each of these types of schooling.  I would suggest that you look at the list and determine which of the benefits of your type of school seem to fit with your experiences.

Most people in the United States attend public schools.  One of the major benefits of public schools is that they do not cost money.  You do not pay tuition and the books are provided for you.  Another benefit of public school is that you go to school with all different kinds of people.  You are not just going to school with rich people or people who share your religious beliefs.  This makes it possible for you to become acquainted with a broader variety of people.  This experience can help you in later life as you have to deal with different kinds of people in your work.  Public schools are also typically bigger than other kinds of schools.  They are more likely to have enough students so that they can offer many sports teams and many extracurricular activities.    Finally, it is typically the case that more kinds of lifestyles and attitudes are accepted in public school.  There is less pressure on students to behave in a certain way or hold a certain set of beliefs.

Charter schools are a subset of public schools.  These are publicly funded, but they are run by entities other than the government.  These typically have most of the benefits of regular public schools and may have other benefits as well.  They are more likely to offer innovative kinds of educational practices because they are run by entities that are dedicated to certain ideas about education.

Private schools are typically said to offer better discipline, better morals, and/or better education.  Private schools can pick and choose which students they will admit and retain.  If students misbehave, it is much easier for private schools to expel them.  This can make for a better educational atmosphere.  Private schools can also teach and enforce certain morals.  They can, for example, require students to act in ways that are consistent with a given religion.  They can teach religion as well, something that many people want from schools.  Finally, they may be able to provide better education because they do not have to accept students with subpar academic skills or students who are distractions to others.

Finally, there is homeschooling.  Here, too, morals can be taught and better discipline can be imposed.  Another major benefit of homeschooling is that it can typically be done at one’s own pace.  Finally, homeschooling can be beneficial for students who do not get along well with the typical students at public or even private schools.

I would suggest that you look at these benefits and decide which ones you agree with.  You can then base your essay on those benefits.