I am supposed to write a feature story on any interesting topic of my choice and I was interested in looking at teenage pregnancies and abortions. I wanted to look at the causes of such and what leads teenagers into indulging in sexual activities at an early stage. I then realised that articles have been published covering that angle so i want help on other possible angles that i can take on this topic?

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It may be difficult for you to find an angle on teenage pregnancy and abortion that hasn't been covered before, as this is a highly controversial issue which has prompted lots of public attention and media coverage. 

Some alternate ways of looking at the subject of teen pregnancy and abortion might be:

  • The effects of the availability of birth control (including hormonal birth control) on rates of teen pregnancy and abortion. How has the criminalization of abortion affected teen pregnancy rates? How has wide availability of birth control affected teen pregnancy rates, especially when birth control is offered at reduced or no cost? How has the defunding of public services like Planned Parenthood affected teen pregnancy and abortion rates?
  • What effect does sex education have on teen pregnancy and abortion rates? What kind of sex education has been offered and/or received prior to the pregnancy? Was it compulsory school-based sex education, social education (as in learning from friends), information given by physicians, or "the talk" from parents? What do teens know about sex, pregnancy, and abortion?
  • Who is getting pregnant and having, or not having, abortions? What age(s) are these teens? What is their socioeconomic status? What is their family unit like? Are they involved in other high-risk activity like the use of drugs and alcohol? How have these demographics shifted over the past ten, twenty, fifty years?


I hope these ideas help you develop your article. I would also like to suggest doing some reading on the subject and making notes on what catches your eye- are there any interesting statistics or stories that you could ask more questions about?

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