I am supposed to work on a thesis on The Kite Runner but, I am still confused. Can anyone help me on finding a perfect and a particularised theme?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, several themes are evident and the choice is yours.  I like the ideas of identity and the self discovery when Amir discovers his father's deception about his half-brother Hassan. You could incorporate the ideas of families and father/son relationships with this or separate families into its own essay.  Depending on what length you need, you could use the themes of acculturation and assimilation into a new culture versus keeping the heritage, culture and language of your family in a new country despite the pressure to be like everyone else.  Just make sure that your thesis gives you enough room to discuss the ideas you have completely.  In light of the current attitude towards people of other cultures, the assimilation versus heritage and culture might be the most timely.  I don't think these are perfect ideas, but maybe you can take one of these ideas and expand it to where you want to be. 

salkaissy | Student

Redemption is the major theme in the Kite Runner. Amir goes on a journey of self discovery and redemption, but before he attons for his sin he must repent, commit a sacrifical act and learn to forgive himself in order to move on with his life and be completly redeemed.


ps. based on whether you believe he was actually redeemed or not depends of your prespective and personal opinion of his case since Hassan was actually dead by the time Amir realized he screwed up. I personally think that the fact he was able to feel "healed" ( which there is a whole scene about) implies that the guilt has been lifted off his shoulder and any person with a good conscience is not able to feel easily. Also, the whole incident that happened with his lip also implies that maybe Hassan is watching and that is his way of telling him he is forgiven? (since Hassan was the one with the cleft lip). Think about it, it is a great thesis/ idea.

adars123 | Student

thanks for the response. I appreciate it. I think the ideas of identity and self discovery is a good theme here. I would probably start from the scratch with this theme. Can you help me more to provide me some documents to support these ideas through critics and experts.

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