i am a student of 14th standard . we have basically 4 novels othello,macbeth,candida and major barbera. i need help. what i want is for e.g if i am doing macbeth i need the original text of macbeth with shakespeare's writing style his work and critical analysis where can i find such a book? i went on amazon.com but i was confused i basically need student guide for all these novels othello,macbeth,major barbera and candida. i'd be highly obliged if anybody can help me this. i am from pakistan karachi!

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If you join Enotes, you will have access to at least 5-10 study guides for Othello and Macbeth, and at least 1 or 2 for Major Barbera and Candida, as well as criticism and other source material.

For example, here's what you can download from the Macbeth "Lesson Plan" page:

Shakespeare on Film: Introductory Unit (eNotes.com, Inc.)

Macbeth on Film Lesson Plan (eNotes.com, Inc.)

Macbeth eNotes Lesson Plan (eNotes.com, Inc.)

Macbeth eNotes Essential Lesson Plan (eNotes.com, Inc.)

Macbeth Lesson Plan (Teacher's Pet Publications)

Macbeth Puzzle Pack (Teacher's Pet Publications)

Macbeth Teaching Unit (Prestwick House)

Macbeth AP Teaching Unit (Prestwick House)

Macbeth Activity Pack (Prestwick House)

Macbeth Response Journal (Prestwick House)

Macbeth Multiple Perspectives (Prestwick House)

Here's what's on the Macbeth criticism page:

  • In this excerpt, Mark Van Doren presents a broad survey of Macbeth, asserting that Shakespeare's triumph lies in his construction of a strange, dark, and shapeless world which from the outset pits itself against the protagonist.

  • In the first excerpt, Irving Ribner maintains that Macbeth symbolizes Shakespeare's larger view of evil's operation in the world.

  • Walter Curry examines the Weird Sisters and the precise nature of the evil they embody in Macbeth.

  • In the first excerpt, Tom Driver proposes that Macbeth contains three kinds of time: chronological time, providential time, and Macbeth's time.

  • In this excerpt, Jarold Ramsey argues that one of the organizing themes of Macbeth is that of manliness. ering over Duncan's murder into determination.

  • In this excerpt, Kenneth Muir analyzes various image patterns in Macbeth.

  • In the first excerpt, Wayne Booth discusses the dramatic technique Shakespeare used to portray Macbeth as a sympathetic tragic hero.

  • In this excerpt, Janet Adelman discusses Lady Macbeth's character based on her reading of Macbeth as a play that illustrates both a fantasy of absolute and destructive maternal power and a fantasy of escape from this power.

  • In the first selection, eminent critic A.C. Bradley asserts that Banquo is influenced by the Weird Sisters "much more truly than Macbeth."

Not only that, but Enotes has the original texts of Othello and Macbeth, and even some translation work.

The site is an invaluable resource for writing a graduate thesis.  As a satellite graduate student with no access to a large university library, I wrote my entire 75-page thesis using only references and cross-references from such study guides.

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