I am in std 10.how do i prepare for my send up exams ?how do i study everyday?how can i complete my syllaus?plz help me!i want u to explain me everything .

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The best idea is to create a study plan.  For example, look at how many days you have.  Divide the material so that you study the harder stuff earlier and the things you know well later.  This will allow you time to let the more difficult things sink in.  You can also get help if you need to earlier rather than later.

Wiggin42 | Student

Set aside time to study everyday. As soon as you come home from school, start studying. Work on the hard stuff first and work your way towards easier ones. The 10th exams require a lot of heavy memorization so make sure you memorize a little bit every day and review the material.

zumba96 | Student

Study study and study. Make a study guide schedule and that is the best way! Once you do that you have to accomplish a specific amount of pages by this day or a specific amount of hours done and simply focus on what you can do. 

wanderista | Student

What does STD stand for? Software and Technological Development?

I agree with Post 2 - creating a study plan will assure that you balance out your life with the appropriate amount of study and recreation necessary to avoid stress, anxiety and to improve your general euphoria.

Of course, try not to worry. Logically plan out what you need to know for STD and what the syllabus demands from you as a student. Ask your teacher if your study plan (once you have made it) effectively covers what you need to know for the upcoming examinations or assessments you may have.

Summarising is also important. A good summary can lead to a great mark. Try to avoid all chat and get straight to the point. Dot points usually work best, but it varies from student to student. I personally like to audio record my notes, and listen to them when I get up, go to sleep and after school. I also like writing out my notes, but each time writing out my various summaries in new ways. Experiment until you find what method of study suits you best.