I am a sophmore doing a project on Morte d' Arthur. I dont have a clue on what questions I could ask. Would you give me ideas on what I could do?

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So you say you're doing a project and you need questions you can ask.  Why do you need to ask questions?  Are you supposed to be leading a discussion?  More info would be helpful in letting us understand what you need.

I'll try to give you some discussion questions you might ask but again, I don't know if that's what you need.

  • Why do knights fight in this story?  Which of these reasons are good?
  • Why do only three of the knights find the Grail?  What does this tell us about the values of the time this book was written?
  • Lots of characters in the book have things happen to them because of fate.  Do you believe that fate controls what happens to us?
  • You can say that the desire for revenge leads to the destruction of everything Arthur worked for.  What are the pros and cons of valuing personal revenge?

I hope some of this helps.  If you can be more specific about future questions, you'll get better help.

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Since I do not know anything about the requirements for your project, I can only give you some ideas that might fit in with those requirements. 

One idea that comes to mind is to compare Arthur to a contemporary superhero, for example, Superman or Batman. It might be interesting to look at how Arthur resembled today's superhero.

Another idea might be to create a résumé for Arthur and a cover letter.  What kind of position would he apply for if he were looking for a job today?  What would his qualifications be?  I think you can assume he would be applying for a management position!

Another idea would be to pretend you are a reporter and write a newspaper article about Arthur. You could interview him and some of his knights. Or you could prepare a radio or television news report. 

If you choose one of these suggestions, it would probably be a good idea to check with your teacher to make sure that your plan for the project is all right. 

Whatever you do, have a good time.  Good luck! 

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You can probably probe the three-dimensional aspects of Arthur's character, and the tragedy that fell on him was due to a sin or an oversight on his part when he made love with Morgause, his sister.


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