I am seeking reviews on Mistero Buffo by Dario Fo in Italian or English. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Simon

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This is an interesting review of the play which stresses its challenge to dramatic conventions: http://www.italialibri.net/opere/misterobuffo.html This is a review of the 2009 production directed by Fo http://www.teatro.org/spettacoli/recensioni/mistero_buffo_6588 Here you can read a review of the 2010 revival directed by Italian comedian Paolo Rossi, a disciple and a friend of Fo. http://www.teatro.org/spettacoli/piccolo_teatro_teatro_strehler/il_mistero_buffo_di_dario_fo_ps_nell_umile_versione_pop_6_15743 This is a NYT review of the play written when Fo was finally allowed to perform in the US in 1986 (during the Cold War the actor was denied visas because of his leftist tendencies) http://theater.nytimes.com/mem/theater/treview.html?res=9A0DE3DA103AF93AA15756C0A960948260 Other reviews in English: The Scotsman, April 30, 2003 The Independent - London; 2/19/2003 World Literature Today | January 1, 1998 There is also this profile of Fo by Tonu Kushner in The Nation | November 3, 1997. While not a review, it provides context to Fo's work.
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