I am searching for literary, historical, musical, and television/movie examples that relate to "The Road Not Taken".  I need any help or direction!I am searching for literary, historical,...

I am searching for literary, historical, musical, and television/movie examples that relate to "The Road Not Taken".  I need any help or direction!

I am searching for literary, historical, musical, and television/movie examples that relate to "The Road Not Taken".  I need any help or direction!

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jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The theme of taking a difficult but rewarding path is very popular in movies/books/history/music.  Here are a few I can think of, off the top of my head: 
- "Legally Blonde."  Elle goes to Harvard, despite the obstacles; she has to work really hard, but eventually she achieves her dream and learns to believe in herself.
- "Meet the Robinsons."  Louis wants to find his mother, but he ends up finding a new family instead.  He realizes that the hard times he has had in childhood will help him to later work hard to reach his goals, and he will become an inventor and have a family.
- "The City of Ember" (also a book).  Lina and Doon have to have the courage to go out on their own to find a new world for their community members to live in.  Instead of staying put and giving up, they move forward and follow clues that lead their whole civilization to salvation.

- The Giver.  Jonas has to experience pain and suffering in order to fully understand the world of emotions.  Then he has to be brave enough to go out on his own with Gabe in order to bring emotions to his community and save Gabe from release.
- Deadline.  Ben decides to dare to dream, and in the amount of time he has left to live, he wants to live his life to the fullest.  He takes chances in order to make his a life worth living.
- Any story involving star-crossed lovers, like Romeo and Juliet or Twilight.  They dared to put their love first, and it worked out in the end (okay, depending on your definition of "worked out").

- I can think of a lot of broadway shows with this theme.  "Hairspray," for example, where she dares to fight injustice and embrace herself for who she is. 
- "Dream the Impossible Dream" from Don Quixote.

- civil rights activists, women's liberation activists, astronauts, explorers

Good luck!

Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think you need to think about the poem itself for a few minutes.  What is "the road not taken"?  In the poem, this represents the well-travelled path that most people have taken.  The narrator has taken a harder path, going where others have not gone before, but he has made a choice that satisfies him and that suggest to the reader that he has been true to himself.  Now, there is certainly a theme about making difficult but good choices, isn't there?  What kinds of television programs or movies have you seen where people have made hard but good choices?  What kinds of books have you read in which people followed the well-travelled path, and things didn't turn out so well?  One movie that comes to  my mind is Crash, which features both kinds of examples, and another is Lady in the Water.  A book that features both kinds of peoplle is A Separate Peace

susan3smith eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The poem is called the "Road Not Taken."  It is about choices that we have to make when the paths seem "equally fair."  We don't know what difference the choice will make in our lives but we do know it will make a difference.  The poem is not about choosing an unconventional or a more difficult path.  It is about never knowing what kind of experience the "road not taken" would have been.  That said, there are movies such as "Groundhog's Day,"  "Butterfly Effect," "Family Man"  that show what would happen if a different choice was made.

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with the above post.  This poem is a wistful look back at what might have been rather than some kind of pronouncement regarding the virtues of the road he took.  Any story which does this is a picture of "The Road not Taken."  Even something as simple as Nicholas Sparks's The Notebook would work, as the narrator had the choice to hang in there or to leave.

hadley818 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In 2000 there was a Super Bowl ad that featured a condensed version of "The Road Not Taken." It might be interesting to show this commerical to students and have them compare it to Frost's version. It's interesting to see what was left out, and it almost changes the entire poem!

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