I am required to write a one page essay on why I want to be in an AP literature class. What would be a good way of writing said essay, and what should I write? Links might help.

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Being in an AP literature class requires you to be a successful student with good independent study skills who can read material on your own time, stay focused in class, and contribute in class. Advanced Placement means exactly that; you are now in a class designed to push you as a student and make you think and analyze for yourself while contributing in a group.  If you want to be in a class like that, you must demonstrate in your essay that you are a good writer, that you have good reasons for wanting this class, and why you are a good candidate.  Think about the reasons you want this class: interest in the material, higher level thinking, readiness for independence in homework, looking for discussion which helps you hone your discussion skills, and being pushed for great breadth and depth in thinking and writing.  Do any of these sound like you? Why are you a good candidate?  Have you always been an independent thinker even if your grades are not top-notch?  Are your grades at the top?  Do you want to learn the material in the course in more depth?  All of these are ideas for your essay.  You must choose what the essay says about YOU, and write it in your best essay form. Look at sentence structure, word choice, audience, cohesiveness, and THEN look for grammatical or mechanical errors.

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