I am reading Chesapeake by James A. Michener. I need Voyage 14 summarized. please include important story details, character descriptions, and character relations

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Voyage Fourteen is the funeral procession, by barge and boat, carrying the body of Pusey Paxmore from Peace Cliff to the Quaker burial grounds in Patamoke after he commits suicide.

In spite of the approaching hurricane, Amanda Paxmore wants to recognize the family association and dependence upon the river. Martin Caveny and Amos Turlock, friends and supporters of the Paxmores in life and in death, agree to sail the funeral barge carrying the coffin and Amanda, her sons and their wives.

Unexpectedly, following the barge on its voyage to Patamoke are three other boats, the final one carrying Captain Absalom Cater, his wife and daughter, and Hiram Cater, who had been imprisoned as a result of Pusey's actions. The Cater family had historically been helped and supported by the Paxmores, and they remained grateful and supportive to the end.

Father Patrick Caveny spoke at the graveside, ignoring the Quaker tradition of silence to give a lengthy prayer that recognized the good Pusey had done and to allude to the injustice of Pusey's punishment following the Watergate episode.

When the nation needed him, he served. When his commander required a cover, he provided it. Little good it did him, little help he got from those he supported. We bury our friend Pusey with love and remembrance. No man or woman standing by this grave was ever poorer for what he did. Let those who loved him be the ones to place him in his final resting place.

The return trip to Peace Cliff, marked by rising wind and waves and "skies...dark as if nature were lamenting the death of a son," was completed just before the storm arrived in full force. The Caters, who followed the barge to ensure that the Paxmores were able to get home safely, were unable to return to Patamoke so took shelter in Peace Cliff along with the Paxmore family and Martin and Amos. Through the evening and overnight, the group huddled in the kitchen, the least exposed part of the house built on the headland.

In the calm and light of the next day, the group inspected the damage from the storm. Structures were damaged but could be repaired. Patamoke was as yet unreachable by road due to downed trees. The most shocking discovery of all was first sighted by Amos Turlock, using binoculars to view further away.

The island had vanished....On the spot where the finest mansion on the Eastern Shore had offered its stately silhouette, nothing was visibel. The final storm which overtakes all existence had struck;...Devon Island and all that pertained to it was gone.

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