I am reading Chesapeake by James A. Michener. I need Voyage 13 summarized. please include importatnt details about the story, characters, and character relationships

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Pusey Paxmore left Peace Cliff and his family to work for President Richard Nixon. He ardently believed in the need for President Nixon's leadership in the face of rising civil dangers in the United States, and, to that end, he became involved in the planning and execution of the Watergate burglary. When arrested and brought to trial for his involvement, Paxmore remained steadfast in his support of the president and his refusal to cooperate with the prosecution. He was sentenced to serve two years at the federal penitentiary in Scanderville, Pennsylvania.

The thirteenth voyage is undertaken by Amanda Paxmore, going to Scanderville to pick up her husband when he has completed serving his sentence. Acting as crew for the boat that sailed from Peace Cliff to Annapolis were Martin Caveny and Amos Turlock, who respect Amanda's quiet fortitude in the face of what happened to Pusey. Caveny openly admits, "In a hunnerd years I'll never understand what happened to Pusey Paxmore." Turlock's reply: "Only person who does understand is Richard Nixon, and he ain't tellin'."

Amanda is stoic and forthright when confronted by the press outside the prison gate.

Our nation has survived a score of disasters. If we elect Jimmy Carter this autumn, we'll have survived Watergate...Naturally, I have often thought of President Nixon sitting free in San Clemente while my husband sat in this prison, and only because he did what Nixon directed. But long ago I learned that life does not dispense justice, and I do not expect it.

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