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The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

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What was Buck's life like with Judge Miller?

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Buck lived a good life at the Miller’s home. He lived in a big house in Santa Clara Valley. The weather and environment were good for the dog. It was warm, and the house had enough space for Buck to stroll around.

There were other dogs in the Miller home, but they were either confined in the house or outside in their kennels. However, Buck was not confined to any particular area and freely mingled with the different members of the Miller homestead. Buck went hunting with the Judge’s boys and escorted his daughters when they went on walks.

Buck was treated well and pampered since his birth. The dog was loved and taken care of by members of the Judge’s family. Buck also hunted and engaged in outdoor activities that helped him keep fit.

During the four years since his puppyhood he had lived the life of a sated aristocrat; he had a fine pride in himself, was even a trifle egotistical, as country gentlemen sometimes become because of their insular situation. But he had saved himself by not becoming a mere pampered house-dog.

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Buck is clearly a domesticated animal while he lives on Judge Miller's property.

At the age of four, Buck carries himself "in right royal fashion"; like his father before him, he is the companion of the Judge--a pet. At an impressive one hundred and forty pounds, Buck is much larger than any other dog on the property. As a result of his size, Buck carries himself somewhat arrogantly because he knows that he can intimidate the other dogs. But, he is kept from being too complacent and pampered as a house dog by going hunting with the Judge, and by engaging in various "outdoor delights" such as chasing squirrels and romping over the grounds for the sheer joy of it. These activities have hardened his muscles; furthermore, his love of swimming enhances his fitness even more.

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In Santa Clara Valley, California Judge Miller has a huge home and a great deal of property.  He also owns a beautiful dog named Buck.  Buck is the king of this property and can roam as he pleases.  He is petted, fed, groomed, and treated like the loved and cherished dog that he is.  He has the life of a pampered dog who can hunt, eat, sleep, or play as he wishes.  He had everything he could possibly want until he was stolen from his home and sold into captivity.

"Buck who was Half St. Bernard, half Scotch shepherd lived the life of a sated aristocrat" on his California ranch until he was stolen by the gardener."

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