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How do I become an eNotes editor?

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Editors on eNotes are professionals who are able to assist students with academic questions they may have. You are most certainly not the only one on this site who is not an editor so do not worry about that. eNotes is a site that is used by thousands of students (like yourself), as well as teachers, professors, and researchers. You can not only ask questions in the "question and answer" section, but in the "discussion" section as well. You will also be able to find numerous study guides pertaining to just about any topic.

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There are many people who answer questions on this site who are not editors.  To become an editor, you must apply.  When you first pull up the Enotes page, scroll to the very bottom, and scan for the words "Become an Enotes Editor."  You will be asked several questions about yourself and your profession.  You will then be asked to answer a specific amount of questions.  Your responses to these questions are reviewed, and if they are of adequate value, you may be accepted as an editor.

Based on your profile, you appear to be a high school student.  If this is true, you probably won't qualify.  I believe the site is looking for people who are in the education profession.

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