I am not through finishing the book, but I am out of time. Could you give me a synopsis? I am reading this book and I am about 3/4 of the way done. The rest of the book is due tomorrow and I was...

I am not through finishing the book, but I am out of time. Could you give me a synopsis?

I am reading this book and I am about 3/4 of the way done. The rest of the book is due tomorrow and I was wondering if you could give me a synopsis of the rest of the book. It would help so very much. Thank you.

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Answer Part One

Hannah, 12 turning 13, was tired of remembering, especially her grandfather's constant bursts of rage at any comment about the Holocaust because he and his sister Eva were survivors. When Hannah is celebrating the Jewish Passover at her grandparents' house, she was chosen to do the symbolic welcoming of Prophet Elijah and opened the apartment door. In an instant, when she opens the door, she was transferred back to Poland in 1942, as Chaya Abramowicz, a 12-year-old teenager living in a small village with her "Aunt" Gitl and "Uncle" Shmuel. Shmuel is about to be married to his fiance Fayge. Before leaving for Fayge's village, Viosk, Hannah meets 3 other girls from her village, one with a breathing problem because of spring pollen, named Rachel. When Shmuel, Fayge, and the members of both the jir villages arrive at the synogogue in Fayge's village, they are stopped by Nazis at the entrance and taken to a train station, where they find the belongings of their family members that were already at the synagogue. They are forced into stuffy cattle cars and travel for three days to a fictional concentration camp. On arrival and exit of the boxcars, it is discovered that Rachel, some infants and an elderly woman died during the trip from malnutrition and the terrible conditions of the boxcars. They are then shaven bald to get rid of any lice, had numbers tatooed on their arms,and forced to choose from an assortment of ragged clothes to wear during their imprisonment.

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Pt.2 At their first meal, Hannah meets Rivka,a ten year old girl who understands about the camp and methods of survival. Only she and her brother Wolfe are alive out of a family of eight. Everyone given jobs, they had a choice to either do the jobs well,or become chosen for cremation (execution) by the commandant of camp. Those chosen,were young, elderly or the badly injured. She followed Rivka, who lived everyday as it was. Gitl, Hannah,and several others including Yitzchak,try to escape at one point. Gitl and Hannah hear gunshots and run back to their barracks. Shmuel and several others caught by soldiers. Just as Shmuel is to be executed, with the others, Fayge leaps forward, prefering to die rather than live without him. This is where Hannah first sees Wolfe,one of the Jews who takes the bodies to the ovens in the crematoria,and he carries Fayge's body tenderly. Later Hannah's friends,Shifre, Esther, and Rivka were chosen to make up a full load to be executed. Hannah didn't want Rivka to die in such a way, so she took the place of Rivka and died a hero. Walking through the door into an oven, Hannah realized she was staring at the door back in New York, at her grandparents. She talked to her Aunt Eva about her experience and realized that her Aunt Eva was Rivka, and her Grandpa Will was Wolfe. They had changed their names and moved to America after being liberated by Allied forces. Hannah will always understand the meaning of passover and the horror the Nazi's caused.

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