I am in need of a project title for the novel THE KITE RUNNER.I need a title in which friendship, betrayal, and redemption are unified under the same title.

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There might be a couple of ways to approach this.  One way is to play on the idea of redemption and paraphrase the film, "The Shawshank Redemption" with a play on it from Hosseini's work.  "The Kabul Redemption" could be an approach to take because like Shawshank, Kabul is the place where much of the relationship between Amir and Hassan take place.  Additionally, Shawshank, a prison, and Kabul, a war-torn capital, might share similar conditions in terms of their impacts on the main character.  I like playing with the idea that the friendship featured is one that endures some distance from emotional and geographic levels and then is resumed later on with actions taken.  Something along this line might be, "Beyond Contingency:  Friendship in The Kite Runner."  This might be effective because all of the emotional, geographic, social, and political circumstances that interrupt the friendship are transcended by the end of the novel.  True friendship can sustain the temperaments of human beings, representing one of the few constants in an inconstant world.

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