New Historicism Examples

I am in need of examples of New Historicism in literature.

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The approach of New Historicism argues that a work of literature does not exist devoid of its conditions or circumstances.  In this light, literary works are as much a product of the author's mindset as well as the conditions that surround it.  The historical and social context of the author is almost as important as anything else in assessing the construction of the literary work.  In this light, New Historicism is based off of the contingent, stressing its role in the development of literature.   This can be seen in many works.  I think that Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children is a fine example because only through understanding how the experience of Partition, homelands that exist in the subjective, and the idea of displacement in Rushdie's own life can the full magnitude of the novel be explored.  The works of Nadine Gordimer are another example of how the New Historicist approach can yield greater insight into the work.  When seen in the context of South Africa's struggle with Apartheid, writings such as the short story "Once Upon a Time" acquire even more meaning to them.

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