I am a member, and eNotes answered my other question on Peter the Great.  How can I get to the eNotes sources listed at the end of the...

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The URL link you list with your Question certainly does go to a less useful page than eNotes likes to offer; nonetheless, on the page of your previous question, the URL link there, in the Source box, is (at least currently) in good working order. The page the eNotes Editor meant to direct you to, and that will be of use to you, is a reference page used in partnership with Wikipedia.com. It gives information on Peter I of Russia, called Peter the Great, from his life through his impact in popular culture. The full name of Peter I is Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov. He is of the Romanov dynasty.

A similar page, also offered in partnership with Wikipedia, may also be of help to you. It talks about the reforms to Russian government and culture implemented by Peter the Great. He instituted reforms because of his travels on the European continent and in England. His motivation for reforms was the hope of bringing Western style prosperity to Russia. First, though, he had to quell the Streltsy rebellion. Some of Peter the Great's more shocking cultural reforms were the adoption of the Julian Calendar; the permission of women to socialize and mingle with men; and the requirement that men shave their beards.

All the links provided here, both in-text and in the source box, should now be functioning properly. You can right click with your computer mouse and choose Open in New Tab from the menu that opens up, or you can click the link itself. Be sure to use your browser's Back button to return to eNotes if you decide to click the link directly, as the links open atop the eNotes page.