I am making a model of the planets my earth is 2 in I need to know what the rest of the planets are in relation to my earth

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The following is the ratio to earth if earth is 1.  Since your earth is 2, you would need to multiply each ratio by two.  That will give you the size they need to be.  Example: Mercury would be .383 x 2= .766.  So your Mercury model should by .766 in size when compared to your earth.

  • Mercury's diameter is .383
  • Venus' diameter is.949
  • Mars' diameter is .532
  • Jupiter's diameter is 11.21
  • Saturn's diameter is 9.45
  • Uranus diameter is 4.01
  • Neptune's diameter is 3.88
  • Pluto's diameter is .187
  • Moon's diameter is .2724

Below is a link to the spreadsheet I used to find these numbers.  It is a NASA link. Keep in mind that many scientist feel that Pluto should not be considered a planet anymore.  It is now referred to as a dwarf planet.

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