I am making an interview with Ralph.if you were an interviewer interviewing Ralph, what kind of questions would you ask that relate to the need for social orders/civilization and the conch?

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If I were setting up an interview with Ralph, I'd ask the following questions.

1) Do you think someone always has to be in charge of any group? And if so, why?


2) Why is it right or appropriate that you be in charge of the boys?

3) Why can't Piggy be the one to run things?


4) After the conch was broken, it seemed like civilization broke down. Why couldn't you get another conch, or some other symbol of authority?

5) Did it bother you that the conch was the sign of a dead creature? How does that relate to your authority on the island?

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If I had the chance to ask Ralph questions, here are a few I would ask.

1.  What events caused you to realize that order and civilization really was important?

2.  The conch seemed to symbolize being a grown up.  Holding the conch gives the holder the power.  How did you think this up?  What else from the world is like this?

3.  The boys understand the concept of the conch quite quickly.  Who has the most trouble following the conch's meaning, and why do you think he has trouble?

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could you elaorate on each of these questions. In second person as if it were a real interview - thanks would be greatly appreciated

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