Hero and Leander Questions and Answers
by Christopher Marlowe

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I am looking for a topic to write a research paper on Hero and Leander. I'd like some suggestions that will yield a minimum of 10 pages. Some topics I have considered writing about are Marlowe as a playwright, the actual story, mythology, the style, and motifs. I would appreciate any further help (especially with style and motifs).

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Check out the enotes.com Research Paper topics list. They can help you get started. 

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While I will not be able to provide you with a specific thesis idea, hopefully I can give you some advice that will help you narrow down your topic.

As a senior in college, you are probably looking for topics which would not only yield 10 pages, but ideas which would create a research paper at the argumentative level.  Expository papers (even compare-contrast or cause-effect research modes) are not really of a high enough level for your grade.  Because you are a senior in college, I am advising you stay away from a 10-page report on Marlow as a playwright.  This is a little bit more appropriate for a low level high school research paper.  Argumentative research papers require choosing a...

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