The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Questions and Answers
by Howard Pyle

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood book cover
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I am looking for a summary for the merry adventures of robin hood

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In this book we have twenty different legendary tales spun into a single narrative. At first Robin is outlawed and alone, but later new individuals band up with him, including Little John. Robin has a staff fight with him but loses. Another tale tells how he splits arrows. The book is full of fights and Robin doesn't always win, but the champion seems always to want to join his crew. Will Scarlet is a volunteer, and so is Friar Tuck. Other trades and professions are represented too, for example the miller's son joins up. There is a good story about how Robin Hood and Friar Tuck try to get across a river which provides a comic interlude. Secrecy and guile are also present, for example Robin Hood's love of disguises is highlighted. He also gets to have dinner with his worst enemy (The Sheriff of Nottingham) through disguising himself as a butcher. Sport is shown through the display of the skills of the archers, and of course Robin is a keen competitor. He is also shown as a clever match-maker and a good friend to his friend Allan and his sweetheart. Friar Tuck is developed as a character as well, as he is shown over-indulging in feasting with the sheriff and then losing a contest. The book finishes with the king getting dressed up to disguise jhimself so that he can meet Robin. The outlaw acts as highwayman though and takes all the king's money before revealing himself as a faithful royal disciple, treating the king to a banquet. He gets pardoned as a result so the book has a feel-good conclusion.

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