I am looking for poems written by females in 2 different eras. Are there any recommendations of specific poems you can give? Thanks I am writing an essay about how the time period will affect the writing and how it will affect it. By comparing 2 poems written by the same gender from 2 different eras, I will be able to write an excellent essay.

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This question is too broad to really be answered very effectively. There are numerous female poets whose work you could cite from past periods and among contemporary poets. There are a multitude of ways to classify types of poems or subject matter being addressed, which will impact the type of comparison you could write. Before you do anything with this assignment, you need to spend time narrowing your range of possible authors and possible subjects. Then you can start to choose specific poets and poems.

For the sake of a starting point, consider comparing Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) and Carol Ann Duffy (1955- ). Dickinson's poem "The Soul" might be compared with Duffy's "Words, Wide Night" as two examples of how the attraction of one person to another might be depicted. Many other pairings, between these two authors or between others, could be made.

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