I am looking for a set of chapter questions to guide students through Cold Mountain. Can anyone help me?

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There are several teacher-based sites online which offer free lesson plans with study questions and essay topics for novels.  Do a web search for "lesson plans, cold mountain" and see what turns up.  Two of my favorites are the Discovery Channel and History Channel--since this novel was written about the Civil War, you might have some luck there.


Good Luck!

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You may find these questions for group discussion helpful, from our "quicknotes" pages on the novel here at eNotes.  The link appears below. 

We have also just recently added a full analysis of Frazer's novel, in which you will find summaries, character analysis, themes, style, historical content and more!  The link to these pages also is below.




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I might be a little late with this, as I see the question is from November. Perhaps for next year, get the curriculum unit on Cold Mountain produced by The Center for Learning. No, I am not affiliated with them, just a teacher who uses their products and they're mostly good. Spark notes has a decent study guide and quiz too. I often take the Odyssey angle and have students compare/contrast the events/allusions to the Homer's Odyssey. Many get in to that because it's something most have read earlier. Good luck

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