I am looking for the complete text of the story, How to Talk to a Hunter online. Could you please guide me?

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since Google is a sponsor of eNotes, I guess it won't be a conflict for me to point you in their direction. You can find the ebook version of Houston's Cowboys Are My Weakness: Stories, in which this story appears, at books.google.com. At this web site, you can read excerpts of books and purchase the ebook for download.

Keep in mind that the text is copyrighted material, so you won't find the entire story and you cannot copy the text. For your convenience, I have pasted a link to the site below.


For future reference, unless a story is in the public domain (copyright extends to 75 years after an author's death), you most likely won't find the full text online. If you do, it's probably not there legally.

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