I am looking for e-notes on Ruth Picardie: Before I say goodbye. I am a new user-educator- of this service and I am unable to find notes on several titles. M3

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Editors ususually write notes in response to specific queries. Editors also may write documents, suich as chapter summaries or other teaching aids, and upload them to the site. If a book is a curricular standard, the odds are that numerous queries, answers, and documents will already be available (e.g. for Shakespeare or Sophocles). If a book is relatively new, or not a curricular standard, you should ask a specific question, and an editor familiar with the text may respond to you.

The more clearly and narrowly you frame your question, and more easily it can be answered in the Q&A format, the more likely it will be that you will get an answer. A question asking for "three 10th grade teaching activities for X" is more likely to be answerable than "tell me all about text Y".

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