I am leading  a reading group  asked the group to bring  a favorite passage. Do you recommend any questions for an  interesting discussion?

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The novel The Fixer was written by Bernard Malamud. Published in 1966, the novel depicts the true story of an unjustly imprisoned Jewish man. He is imprisoned in Russia (Tsarist to be exact).

That being said, there are many different questions which could be asked to bring about an interesting discussion for your group.

1. Did the novel deserve a Pulitzer Prize?

2. What did Bok's political views have to do with his imprisonment?

3. What part does the role of forgiveness play in the text?

4. What impact does Bok's final quote from the book have on you as a reader?

5. Do you think that Bok deserved the accusations made against him? (Whether or not you found him to be guilty or not.)

6. How did you feel about Bok's treatment in prison?

7. Do you think the narrative voice suited the text?

8. What impact do you think that world views had on the novel's popularity?

9. Do you think the themes of the novel were appropriately defined and discussed?

10. How does the end of the novel make you feel?


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