Name and describe the characters in "Bright Lights, Big City." 

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Let me see if I can give this one a try. I think I can list them all from memory because you're right I couldn't find a reference for you on the site. 

Unnamed Protagonist- works at a magazine as a fact checker, wife left him, abuses cocaine

Tad Allagash- best friend to the protagonist

Yasu Wade


Amanda- absentminded model who is rising fast and is the unnamed Protagonist's ex-wife


Mother-died a year earlier, Unnamed Protagonist is still reeling from the loss

Megan- coworker


Rich Vanier


Vicky- philosophy student who Jaime dates


Mr. Vogel

Ferret Man

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  • You (ch 1)— a 24 year-old New York City recently separated male.
  • Tad Allagash (ch 1) your night-club hopping socialite friend.
  • Clara Tillinghast / Clingfast / The Clinger (ch 2)— your unforgiving boss in the Department of Factual Verification
  • Rittenhouse (ch 2)— a nervous, invisible, and perfect co-worker; Clara's star editor.
  • Yasu Wade (ch 2) an irreverent gossipy co-worker; Clara's second-favorite.
  • Megan Avery (ch 2)— a sensible, honest, and friendly co-worker.
  • The Druid (ch 2)— the elusive and supreme final editor.
  • Alex Hardy (ch 4)— a fiction editor who knew the founding fathers of the magazine by nickname.
  • Amanda (ch 5)— your ex-wife whom you assume to be in Paris.
  • The Ghost (ch 6)— a writer who has supposedly been working on the same aritcle for 6 years.
  • Vicky (ch 6)— Tad's cousin from Boston.
  • Michael (ch 10)- your brother.