I am interested in techniques for the storage of strawberries.

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The oldest and most common method of storing strawberries is to cook them into a preserve and seal them in jars with wax.

The second oldest way to preserve strawberries would be making them into a type of fruit leather with apples and other fruits hammered into a paste and dried in the sun.

For modern storage, strawberries can be frozen, dehydrated, and made into jellies, jams, and preserves.

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Strawberry varieties are classified into groups A and B, after trading characteristics and specific attributes . In these two groups  fruits are valued on quality classes I and II. Strawberry varieties are classified into groups A and B, after trading characteristics and attributes specifice.In these two groups to capitalize on fruit quality classes I and II. The I quality of strawberries, one must have the size and color of the variety itself, and they have to be and free from dirt.
At class II is allowed slight defects of shape, size, color.

Strawberries can be harvested when the 75% of their surface typical to variety the color is formed  .Strawberries continue his maturation process and after they were harvested even if it was made before the fruit to be reached maturity for consumption.For immediate consumption the harvesting may be done at a more advanced stage of maturity or even at the maturity for consumption. As the fruit meet the conditions for optimal harvesting time, they are collected manually.Considering strawberries rapid depreciation , the conditioning operations are simultaneously to harvesting.

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