How do I go about writing and organizing an eassy  on Coca-cola ad analysis?  

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In business, essays should be concise and to the point. Organization is one of the most important elements. So you want your essay to be organized and precise. Follow the rule of three. Choose three areas of analysis to focus on.

Be sure to follow the standard five paragraph essay format: introduction, three argument paragraphs and then conclusion. In your introduction, include a thesis statement where you state your overall argument about the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Since you are analyzing a Coca-cola advertisement, you need to determine which elements you want to focus on. I suggest you analyze the effectiveness of the following:

Audience: Does the advertisement reach its target audience effectively? Is it clear who the target audience is?

Persuasive techniques: How does the argument persuade? Does it use images, words, or sounds? Does it rely on ethos (credibility of famous people), pathos (emotional appeals), or logos (logical arguments)? What propaganda techniques are included? Are they effective?

Staying power: Is the audience going to remember the advertisement? Are they going to buy the product?

You can choose these as your three for the argument paragraphs, or focus your three arguments in one of these areas.


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