Where is there symbolism in Sparks' The Lucky One?

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I think that the symbolism in Sparks' novel is evident in the drive for the picture.  The picture is symbolic of much to Logan.  It represents the notion of salvation in a setting of war where condemnation surrounds him.  It is representative of what can be as opposed to the harsh condition of what is.  At the same time, the picture is symbolic of Logan's own desire to find love.  The picture in it is one in which Logan sees love, sees the embodiment of his heart's hopes and desires.  When Logan comes back from the war, the picture is symbolic of his own journey to find redemption.  It is a voyage in which he is a traveller, seeking to find some level of hope and some notion of belonging in a world in which he feels he does not belong. It is here where his notion of luck is embodied in the picture.  Logan's own understanding of self is fostered through the picture.  It is here where I think that the picture, itself, is an example of symbolism in Sparks' work.  The picture comes to represent so much to Logan that it would have to be seen as an example of symbolism in the work.

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