I am having trouble with the periodic table and we have been studying questions about elements, compounds and all the other stuff. What are some examples of pure compounds?

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A element is a pure substance and is composed of identical atoms and cannot be further subdivided (into a different material). Compounds or pure compounds are made up of two or more elements in a fixed ratio. This ratio is the same throughout the compound. An example of a compound or a pure compound is water or H2O. It is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, both of which are elements, in a fixed 2:1 ratio. That is, for each atom of oxygen, there are 2 atoms of hydrogen in water. This ratio stays fixed throughout the water and we can take a sample of water from anywhere and obtain the same ratio. Common salt or sodium chloride (NaCl) is another such example and has sodium and chlorine in 1:1 ratio. Some more examples of pure compounds include benzene (C6H6), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), glucose (C6H12O6), etc.

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