I am having a major test this week on my worst subject math and I really want to do good. Can you please give me some pointers so I can ace this test. By the way I am a seventh grader. 

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The way to deal with any test or examination is to be confident of yourself and perform well under pressure. Many a times, test results are below-par, not because the student did't know the right answer, it's just that they couldn't handle the pressure of the test and were unable to focus and give their best output. Now confidence will not be there unless you know the topics being covered in the test, so work hard. There is no substitute to that and make sure to have more depth than breadth in your studies, i.e. instead of covering all the topics superficially, study some of the topics in more detail, so that you can score in those specific topics. 

Good luck, work hard and have faith in yourself. Teachers are more interested in your learning capability and motivation than judging you based off a class test.

thewanderlust878 | Student

I don't mean to be part of the grammar police, but you want to do well on your test! :) It is wonderful to see that you are really committed to performing at the highest level you can, especially in a subject that you may not be strong at! You should be very proud of yourself for working hard in school and you should also continue to do so!

Now, to ace a math test (or really any test for that matter), studying is obviously the thing to do. However, knowing how to study can be tricky. For a math test, I definitely think you should review notes you have taken, perhaps quizzes you have gotten back, and then work on some actual problems. Go through at least 5 problems of every topic point in the chapters your test is on, and then go back and do more problems in topics you may be struggling in. Also, go over problems you may have missed on homework and quizzes to make sure you understand the material. Also, don't be afraid to ask your teacher for extra problems or help! That's what they are there for. 

Good luck!

rcalifornia | Student

To ace a math test do extra practice problems in the book. You can also find many resources online with practice problems in the particular math you are in. In the book try to do problems with the answers in the back so you can check your answers. The key is to just practice and be sure of what you are doing. Many times I would get the hardest part of the question right, but I would always mess-up on the simple computations. Try to be careful of silly mistakes by reviewing the test before you submit it. Also, if there is a particular part of the lesson you don't get, be sure to ask someone one how to do it. If you aren't able to get the answer before the test (from the teacher). Then visit online videos than explain that part. I have included one for you.

Hope this helps :D

Good Luck on the test!

Just study hard, and ask your teacher for some extra help.