I am having difficulty writing the introduction of my essay on sameness in The Giver. Can you help me with this introduction?

Expert Answers
jilllessa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Writing the introduction for a paper is often the hardest part of writing a paper.  Frequently I wait until the end of the paper to go back and write the introduction.  When writing the introduction for an essay, you want to include a thesis statement of what your essay will be about.  However this is usually not the first statement of your essay.  I tell my students that their first sentence should be something that grabs hold of the reader and captures their interest.  In an essay on sameness it could be something which somehow gets the reader to truly visualize an image of sameness as it is presented in The Giver. For example: "Imagine a world where safety comes before individuality, where every family, every life, and every ritual is the same for everybody.  A place where even your thoughts and emotions are supposed to be the same as those of everyone else you know.  This was what life was like in the community where Jonas lived."  Then your next sentence would be your thesis statement about your thoughts on sameness.  I hope that this is helpful.  Good luck on your paper.