I am having difficulties finding similarities between the Iliad and the movie The Dark Knight.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several approaches that can be taken with this.  One of them is to discuss how the central fate of human beings who are committed to justice and nobility in action would be to do what they specifically do not wish to do.  Batman must become hunted and a target of Gotham's hatred so that the memory of Harvey Dent as a crimefighter and crusader can be preserved.  In much the same way, Hector must go out and face his doom at the hands of Achilles because he has to sacrifice for Troy.  Both of them must embrace what they do not wish to do.  Little, if anything, can stop this inevitability from happening.  Another connection that exists regards the idea of fate or chance.  Batman believes that his destiny is to become Gotham's crimefighter, as it is his purpose.  Harvey Dent becomes addicted to the principles of chance, and that the toss of the coin is as good of a measure as any regarding what is in store for a human being.  In both of these characters, the idea of what is the path for a human being is rendered in two different ways.  For Homer, a human's fate has already been predetermined, yet the role of the Gods' and their will help to make this destiny a reality.  Harvey's flip of the coin and Zeus' weighing of the scale are two elements in the same as embracing one's destiny.  In this light, Hector and Batman are similar in that both recognize their fate as being unavoidable and recognize the need for the individual to accept this proposition, embrace it, and integrate it as a part of one's own identity.

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