I need help to write an assessment of the character Hamlet in Hamlet in which I must look at his moral and psychological strengths and weaknesses.

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melindarobbins eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hamlet has some major strengths and weaknesses you will want to touch on.  First, his strengths:

-He wants to be absolutely sure that his uncle killed his father before taking revenge.  Morally, this is the right thing to do: he does not want to kill an innocent man!

-Psychologically, he is strong because he hatches a reasonably intelligent plot to see if Claudius is guilty.  He has the players act out a play like his father's death.  This is a pretty intelligent and strong move for a person who just found out that his uncle/step-father may have murdered his father.

Now, for weaknesses:

-Once he does find out that his uncle is guilty, he cannot actually take action (although not killing someone may also be seen a moral strength).

-He does act crazy: whether is he or not is up for debate, but he acts truly insane.

-Morally, he uses people to get what he wants, which is wrong.  He uses Ophelia.

-He loses his temper with his mother, who his father said was innocent.

I hope this helps!

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