If I am going to create a children's book  and My son is in 11th grade  what grade level should be my children's book?It has to be a 10 minimum pages with  creative title,simple and easy to...

If I am going to create a children's book  and My son is in 11th grade  what grade level should be my children's book?

It has to be a 10 minimum pages with  creative title,simple and easy to understand vocabulary and sentences... and the tilte of his book has the name Cat on the Go,,by James herriot..  This will be a little hard because the English teacher wants him to do his own drawings and he hardly knows how to draw..and what can I put on the cover of his book? Give any ideas please..?  thank you!

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several things I do not understand about your question. First of all, who must write the book, you or your son? Are you helping him or is the assignment for you? Second, "Cat on the Go" is already a story by James Herriot - are you to base your story on that story? Why would the title be the same as an already-existing story? You mention it must be simple and easy to understand, so I am assuming that the book itself must be for children and not appeal to an 11th grader. A simple, easy to understand book would not appeal to an 11th grader unless he/she had some learning challenges, so is your book geared to 11th graders or to children? If it is your son who must create an original book based on the story that you have identified and you are worried about his ability to create original drawings, you can ask the teacher if he can use computer-generated pictures. If not, just have him do the drawings his own way. The teacher probably does not care about his art ability -- it is an assignment in creativity and he should do the best he can. Please re-post your question to give us more details so that we can help you.

anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

He should think of an animal he always liked when he was young. You can help him by asking what he liked about the animal, what special skills it had (like being fast or strong), and how he thinks it got that way. Then tell him he is going to teach small children about his favorite animal and some adventures he thinks it might have had. Using this approach, he can feel like a teacher and share some favorite things. He could cut of out pictures from magazines or use a computer and find clip art to illustrate it.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

He can target any age group.  What group does he feel most comfortable with?  Does he have siblings?  Are their kids in the neighborhood or apartment complex that he can relate to?  Age groups are usually preschool picture books, K-7, 8-12, 13-18 age groups.  Where does he feel most comfortable? Then, he will need to think of the story he reads in terms of words and phrases that his target audience will understand.

lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest that you target the younger age groups. This will enable your son to use more pictures and a vocabulary and sentence length that he may be more comfortable with. I would also suggest that you visit with your son's special education teacher to see if there are any modifications for the assignment based on his disability.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Do you have any children's books in your home?  Use them for models.  Of course, at a doctor's office there should be some that can be borrowed to use as examples.  The suggestions that he think of an animal that he loves and may have had as a pet will offer many ideas.  Cutting pictures from magazines is also a great idea.  Good luck.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Why doesn't your son tell the story from the cat's perspective? James Herriot is a great writer, and he's very descriptive, so your son should have lots of information. Have the cat tell his own story--the who, what, where, when, why, and etc. The cat could call his story "No Time to Paws."

booksnmore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with previous posters that you may want to talk with the teacher. If he really cannot draw and doesn't speak or read English (I assume the book is to be in English?) then modifications needs to be made by the teacher. Have you asked?

epollock | Student

I would make the book a 4th grade level to have great adaptability as to be read by students, and to be read to children by parents. The added flexibility of purpose would promote a wider audience and give the book more marketability in cases where it would not have sold well. Also, it should be unique and have a vitality to it.

pepperment | Student

Oh I am soo sorry I didt explain myself better,,,so  the story is that my son has to read frist the story  Cat on the go and then  of what he think of that story he has to do another one with a difrent title..  so  what I want to know if its a children's book  what grade can he do his??  because what I understand the sentence and words have to have a specefic grade like frist grade , or second  and so on...  this proyect is sooo hard for him because frist of all  he dont speak english nor read   I have to help him out remember that I live in PR  and I am the one that understand english and Im trying to help him out  and  he also is in special education boy  I mean that in all his works he cant do on his own  and  I have to help him out so I can explain it to him and go step by step so he would understand that story..  so thats why I ask some advise so I can get ideals and to show him..  so I hope this time  I am more expefice.. let me know anything and thank you..