I am doing a research paper onn 1973 and I am having a problem narrowing down the most important events of that year. Can anyone give me an idea of the most important events that I could write about from that year?  There are just too many to choose from. 

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I graduated from high school in 1973, so I remember it fondly. Here are some of the most important events of that year, with the ongoing Watergate scandal and the end of America's involvement in Vietnam probably leading the list:


  • Jan. 20:  Inauguration of Richard Nixon as President.
  • Jan. 22:  Former President Lyndon B. Johnson dies.
  • Jan. 27:  Nixon signs the Paris Peace Accords, officially ending the U. S.'s involvement in Vietnam.
  • Feb. 11:  North Vietnam releases the first American POWs.
  • March 29:  The last U. S. soldier leaves Vietnam.
  • April 30:  Nixon aides H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman resign amidst the growing Watergate scandal.
  • May 8:  The American Indian activists surrender to authorities at at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.
  • Aug. 15:  The U. S. ends its bombing in Cambodia.
  • Oct. 6:  The Yom Kippur war begins, when Israel is invaded by Syria and Egypt.
  • Oct. 10:  Vice President Spiro T. Agnew resigns.
  • Oct. 20:  Watergate's "Saturday Night Massacre" occurs, and Nixon's action makes impeachment more likely.
  • Oct. 26:  The Yom Kippur war ends with Israel as the clear victor.
  • Nov. 17:  Nixon makes his famous statement, "I am not a crook," in Orlando, Florida.
  • Nov. 27:  Gerald Ford is sworn in as the new Vice President.
  • Dec. 23:  The price of crude oil doubles overnight.


  • Jan. 1:  George Steinbrenner buys the New York Yankees.
  • Jan. 14:  The Miami Dolphins win Super Bowl VII, finishing as the only undefeated team in NFL history.
  • June 9:  Secretariat completes the first Triple Crown in horse racing since 1948.
  • Sept. 20:  Billie Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs in the celebrated tennis match pitting man against woman.


  • March 17:  Pink Floyd releases their The Dark Side of the Moon.
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