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I am doing a project in sociology on "a day in the life of a soldier" any ideas on a problem and a hypothesis?

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My son is a soldier, but he is not currently stationed in a war zone.

You would need to decide if you are going to do a compare/contrast between a soldier who is in a war zone as compared to a soldier who is working in the U.S. on a base.

Some things will be basically the same.

  • Wake up, shower, shave, dress etc.
  • Report for duty

This is where things take a radical change. What is the assignment? Will the soldier go to a desk job? or will the soldier go out in a patrol and perhaps face hostile attack?  Will the soldier assist a family by providing food and water? Will the soldier be assigned duty to help in fighting a forest fire in the U.S?

  • Return to base or go home
  • Eat, Rest and relax
  • Do it all again
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