I am doing Pride and Prejudice for GCSE, and the title I have chosen to study is: How are family relationships presented in Pride and Prejudice?   I have made my brief plan on what methods Austen uses but am struggling on what to include in my conclusion. I would really appreciate some help. Thankyou

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Well, if it is your conclusion that you are struggling with, what you write depends a lot on what you have already written in the rest of your essay. Remember that the function of a conclusion is to round off an essay. You should NEVER include any new information in your conclusion. Instead, all of your main points and arguments should be included in the main body of your essay. What you should seek to do therefore is to restate the main points you have made in your essay but to do so in an interesting and novel way, trying to end with a thought or an idea of how this impacts us nowadays. Does Austen's presentation of families relate to families today, for example? Your conclusion should therefore briefly touch upon the main ways in which Austen presents the families in her novel and some kind of funky ending that will make your reader sit up and think.

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