I am doing Mobile Learning Project for the play Romeo and Juliet. I need 5 descripitive words for the character Paris. can you help me plz

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Paris is a nobleman who would like Juliet's hand in marriage. There is a sense that he does genuinely care for Juliet, but he is completely unaware of Juliet's feelings for him. He is very aware of his social standing, and he uses his status as a method of persuasion.

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Okay, here are the five descriptive words to describe Paris:

  1. proud
  2. the sufferer of false love and destiny
  3. too eager to get married- rushing into things before thinking
  4. presumptuous
  5. obnoxious
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there are several words to describe paris:
arogant-for rushing the marrige
airhead-for thinking juliet loved him
victum-of love for he loved juliet yet she would mever return the love
obsessive-for the quote that he said he would go to juliet grave everynight and strew flower pedals
yet caring for the same reason
and finally judgmental for thinking romeo was there to desicrate tybalt or juliets body at the graveyard scene.